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Tell me something: Why oh why did some of us stop playing?

I mean, playing was and (still is) FUN!

We didn't need to be experts at anything, or even good at it. I mean, we were just playing after all.

Now that you're a grownup, what if this whole time PLAY was the missing ingredient?


What if you could change your life in the ways you really want to... by playing and having fun?

Whose crazy idea was it that when you become a grown up, life gets full of only work, obligations, bills, and other really mundane stuff? When did “playtime” only become binge watching shows or gorging on comfort food?

And why is our personal development so serious? We have to journal, meditate, trust fall, walk on fire, say affirmations… and well, that’s just one equation, and even that is not always fun either! 


Don't get me wrong--I do all of that stuff pretty regularly (well, not trust falls, and definitely not the fire-walking 🔥😂🔥). But my main point is that even a genius from way back in the day said:

"Play is the highest form of research."

-Albert Einstein

(And it's so true!)

He also said, "Everything is energy," so we want to focus and harness that energy so we can create multiple wins in our lives.

If you are anything like me, you are most likely always on the up-leveling journey and want to continue growing, get out of your comfort zone, learn new things about yourself, and step into more possibilities in your life.

It’s time that we found a way to do all of that… AND have loads of FUN at the same time!

If you're ready to play, just click the button below to learn all about what we do here, why it's just so incredibly cool, and how YOU can be part of it!


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