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This ain't your mama's personal development.

(Unless your mama is super cool, that is.)

In this playground…

We dance, write, create songs, draw, paint, and create our own works of art on our own terms.

Even if you have two left feet, feel like you may be tone-deaf, or can’t draw more than a stick figure, NONE of that matters. Purposeful play is simply using movement, art, creative writing, and music to help you transform your life--all in a judge-free zone!


This most definitely isn’t a Fine Arts school. Nope!

Each of these experiences is an opportunity to learn something about yourself.

You will:

  • Feel more peace

  • Feel more comfortable in your skin

  • Gain more confidence and feel bold

  • Increase your memory and productive capacity

  • See yourself in a new and better light as you reach new levels of creativity

  • Believe your BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) isn't only probable but possible

A community of allies who will have your back and help you shake things up in the world, all for the better, results in multiple WINS in my book!

Why is this is so incredibly cool?

(Playing is way more fun than fire walks, by the way.)

The short, clinical answer: I have a whole-brain perspective on integrating personal development with the left and the right brain--specifically anchoring the positive (from affirmations, goals, to general empowerment) through play (dance, music, and art). You get to use your entire brain to create ideas and next steps that would not have occurred to you in any other way.

Probably better to hear from folks who experienced it firsthand instead. 😊


“These purposeful play activities are great pattern interrupts for negative self-talk. Goals (especially big, hairy, audacious ones!) can be easier to attain than the crazy stories we make up about attaining them. Doing the pre-work (answering provocative questions and writing exercises) immediately followed by the purposeful play activities really helped cement that growth can be fun and that goals are possible. The fear turns into more excitement (but still realistic that it will take time and effort) when pursuing the goals. The group support versus the self-doubt talk and outside naysayers keep me interested in pursuing the goals and not stopping when the obstacles arise. It doesn't have to be a 24/7 crowbar method. There is a happy medium---walk (or dance!) those miles to get the muscle for sure. But being with a friend and supporter during those metaphorical miles makes a world of difference!”

~ Deborah Gordan, Healer and Workshop Facilitator

“Purposeful play is creatively logical and logically creative. I went from being stalled in some areas of my life to taking action. The playful exercises helped me flip the switch. None of the "worst case scenario" thoughts about my goals entered my head when we played in this guided, purposeful way—only what was possible. The process gave us access to different neural pathways for what's possible. I already have quite a few tools to get me through the stuck places, but I’m adding these new tools. I’m no stranger to personal development, but it has never been done this way. Since the first round of workshops, this has led to more money in the bank and I’m sleeping much better.”

~ Kim Andrews, Spiritual Leader at Unity Sasche

And now, here's how you can be part of it.

(If you've read this far, then you must be a little intrigued)

I facilitate a creative and courageous group of movin' and shakin' cool folks who are
at a point in their lives where they realize it is time for them to put themselves first and truly commit to radical self-care, have some FUN, all while making measurable strides towards living
their life's purpose.
If you are a perfect match for this group, I KNOW that this group can support your commitment to self-empowerment as you take steps towards accomplishing your BHAG (big, hairy audacious goal).

I'm a highly inclusive gal. 

I abhor cliques.

But! Not everyone vibes on the same level. That doesn't make it wrong. It just makes it different. So let's have a conversation to see if we vibe. Because if we vibe, then you are bound to vibe with the tribe in a safe, confidential space.

Just to be clear, this is NOT for you if…

  • You are closed-minded and “judgy.”

  • You are not coachable and your favorite phrase is, "I already know that!"

  • You are a whiner, a blamer, and a "victim" who focuses on the negative far more than the positive. I totally get that life can knock you on your behind sometimes. I'm also quite familiar with stinkin' thinkin' (I have to monitor mine on the daily!). The key is what we do in those situations. 

But this is TOTALLY PERFECT for you if… 

  • You believe in investing in programs and books that help you uplevel your life and learn more about yourself.

  • You are up to something big or want to be up to something bigger in the world.

  • You have unique gifts that need to be brought out (and want to stop hiding once and for all!).

  • You want to have FUN!

Let’s book a time to talk further and see if you are a fit for our next group program. 😁

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